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English Rakugo Short Stories
by 鹿鳴家 英楽(Kanariya Eiraku)

7. 運転手はだれ

Who is the Driver?

7. 運転手はだれ

Who is the Driver?


There was a car accident in the mountain.

The driver could not clear the curve and the car fell down from the cliff and a family of four was all injured.

When the police went to the site and found them in the car, there was also a monkey inside.

The police took the monkey to the police station and found that the monkey somehow understood the human language.

P:  OK, Mr. Monkey. We’d like to ask you some questions about the accident.
   First what was the father doing when the accident occurred?
M:   (gesture: drinking) 
P:    OK, so he was drinking. No wonder they had the accident. How about the mother?
M:   (gesture: talking)
P:    OK, so she was talking to the father all the way.  No wonder they had the accident. 

        How about the two children?
M:   (gesture: playing games)
P:    OK, so they were playing games.  By the way, Mr. Monkey, what were you doing.
M:   (gesture: driving)

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