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English Rakugo Short Stories
by 鹿鳴家 英楽(Kanariya Eiraku)

32. 悪いところは?

What's Wrong

32. 悪いところは?

What's Wrong


At a doctor's office

A woman visits a doctor.

W:   Doctor, I have a problem with gas(Onara) My farts never smell, and they are completely silent. 

         In fact, I have farted more than 10 times since I came here. 

         You didn't even know, because they are silent.
D:      Oh, I see. Take this medicine three times a day for a week and please come back next week.
W:     Oh, thank you very much.

She came back a week later.

W:      Doctor, now my farts started to smell, but they are still silent.
D:       Oh, that's great! Now you have no problem with your nose, so let's work on your    ears today.

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