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English Rakugo Short Stories
by 鹿鳴家 英楽(Kanariya Eiraku)

60. 茗荷の効果

The Effect of Ginger

60. 茗荷の効果

The Effect of Ginger


A traveler stayed at an inn.

The innkeeper found that he had a lot of money in his bag.

The wife of the innkeeper said,
W:   I wish he would forget to take his bag when he leaves.
I:     I have a good idea.
       They say eating a lot of ginger makes people forgetful.

       So serve him a lot of ginger for today’s dinner.

The traveler ate a lot of ginger that night; 

ginger soup, ginger fish, ginger steak, ginger tempura and ginger pickles.
The next morning, he left the inn.

I:     Did he forget to take his bag?
W:    No, he didn’t.
I:     That’s too bad. Didn’t he forget anything?
W:    Yes, he did. He forgot to pay the bill.

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